Fuel Ox
Fuel Ox is a multifunctional and comprehensive fuel treatment that enhances fuel combustion and engine performance. Fuel Ox contains a patented catalyst that lowers the ignition point of fuel – causing an earlier, more sustained combustion. One gallon of fuel additive is designed to treat 10,000 gallons of fuel.

- Treats diesel and gas
- Reduces fuel consumption
- Increases lubricity
- Cleans fuel system
- Reduces soot
- Boosts power
- Doesn’t contain alcohol

Treatment ratio
8 ounces 625 gallons
16 ounces 1,250 gallons
1 gallon 10,000 gallons
Drum (55 gallons) 550,000 gallons
Increases fuel economy by 7-10%
Lubricates fuel system
Inhibits fuel tank corrosion
reduces regenerations by over 50%
Cleans fuel pumps and injectors
Increases responsive vehicle power
Prevents the plugging of both filters and injectors
Reduces noxious fumes and gases
Decreases soot and emissions
Eliminates microbial growth
Safely removes water from fuel
Prevents catalytic oxidation
Permits near perpetual storage
Completely soluble in all fuels