Fuel Ox Marine
Fuel Ox Marine is a multifunctional and comprehensive fuel treatment that improves fuel combustion and engine performance. The Fuel Ox Marine contains a patented catalyst that lowers the ignition point of fuel - causing an earlier, more sustained combustion.

- Treats diesel and gas.
- Protects against ethanol.
- 7-10% better fuel economy.
- Greater responsive vehicle power.
- Reduces emissions by up to 75%.
- Removes water.
- Boosts responsive vehicle power.

Complete Winter Fuel Stabilizer and Biocide.

The Fuel Ox Winter Shock is an advanced fuel treatment used to stabilize fuel in the winter. It is tested safe and effective in all petroleum fuels.

Fuel Ox Winter Shock treats up to 60 gallons of gasoline or diesel. It comes in a pre-measured bottle making application fast, easy and clean. Quantity discounts are available for orders of 100 or more.

Increases fuel economy by 7-10%
Lubricates fuel system
Inhibits fuel tank corrosion
Cleans fuel pumps and injectors
Increases responsive vehicle power
Prevents filter plugging and injector scoring
Reduces noxious fumes and gases
Decreases soot and emissions
Eliminates microbial growth
Safely removes water from fuel
Prevents catalytic oxidation
Permits near perpetual storage
Completely soluble in all fuels
Demulsifier: Removes water from the fuel
Polymerization Retardant: Prevents formation of solids
Dispersant: Disperses existing solids in the fuel
Lubricant: Lubricates the system
injectors with nozzles
Corrosion Inhibitor: Prevents internal tank corrosion
Permits near perpetual storage: Permits up to five year storage
Reduces "No Heat Calls": Reduces fuel-related service calls as a result of filter, strainer, and nozzles blockage
Prevent microbes and harmful bacteria from growing
Remove water and condensation from fuel
Dispersant: Disperses existing solids in the fuel
Prevents sludge from forming
Provides an anti-corrosive that protects the tank from ethanol based fuel