Fuel Ox Cold Charge
Complete Winter Fuel Treatment. The Fuel Ox Cold Charge is a technologically advanced diesel additive that reduces the effects of wax, water and particulates in cold weather. It is also designed to replace the lubricity agents stripped from today's low sulfur diesel fuels.

- Protects down to -59º
- Prevents gelling and icing
- Cleans fuel system & injections
- Reduces fuel consumption
- Completely soluble in all fuels
- Warranty safe
- Doesn’t contain alcohol
Treatment ratio
8oz 475 gallons
16oz 950 gallons
1 gallon 7,500 gallons
Drum (55 gallons) 412,500 gallons
Prevents fuel system icing and gelling
Depresses pour point
Reduces cold filter plugging point
reduces regenerations by over 50%
Increases fuel economy by 7-10%
Lubricates fuel system
Increases responsive vehicle power
Inhibits / regarding the anti-corrosion bullet internal corrosion of fuel tanks
Cleans injectors, fuel pumps and filters
Reduces noxious fumes and gases
Decreases smoke and soot
Eliminates microbial growth
Reduces emissions 60-70%
Safely removes water from fuel
Prevents catalytic oxidation
Permits near perpetual storage
Completely soluble in all fuels